WebCracker will take the responsibility of acquiring your domain and ensuring you do not lose your investment in the future. For this we charge the following management fees:

Personal Site Hosting

You may assume buying a domain name so you have your own web address is just for business. Having a personal domain allows you to create a unique email address just for you, or for the whole family. Prices start at £6.00* per month (including WordPress set up) or £54.00* (Self Managed) for the year including set up (applicable to .co.uk domains). Contact us for more information. Prices include VAT at 20%.

Professional Site Hosting

Triton servers run in UKFast's server centre in Manchester. We have a Windows 2012 Server which supports Classic ASP, PHP and ASP.net and three Linux Server supporting email management and our personal and business hosting packages.

Bespoke design and solutions are offered to clients with specific needs and we are also able to provide a PLESK package giving professional designers and clients wishing to provide hosting services in their own right a hosting solution. With expert technical support one of our reseller packages at £30 + VAT per month is a cost effective way of building a part-time web site design business which can grow with you. Contact Neil White 07977 915 965 for more information.

Network Solutions

Having your house or business fully connected to the Internet provides endless possibilities for managing your day to day life, be it being able to view your tablet in the bedroom, being able to play music from a PC or media centre throughout the house or improved office productivity.

Through a site survey we can assess how we can network your home or office, either through high-speed ethernet cabling or wirelessly. We can also advise on:

  • Network backup and storage solutions
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Cost Effective Network Camera Security

Business Site Hosting

If you run a business it is essential you have a web based presence giving your brand an online identity. Our business hosting packages are £7.00 + VAT per month or  £75.00 + VAT per year (domain registration fees are separate) and give you all the tools required for you to run and manage your own web site. All packages come with a Plesk control panel, MySQL database support, PHP Support, unlimted email addresses, FTP access, support for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as well as initial set up support from the technical team.

Site Design

If you have a business, having a web site is a real necessity. But where do you start? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Your website needs to be attractive so that customers and potential clients are drawn towards it. It also needs to be informative, so that it is effectively able to communicate the information you want your customers to know.

Graphic Design

We can design and source printing for various projects including posters, leaflets, magazines and publicity material. Whatever your requirement, we can help.


Having a brand which is instantly recognisable goes a long way in marketing. Triton has come up with a simple solution to get you started. We can provide, four different designs from four different graphic designers, each with their own interpretation of the brief that you supply. Extremely cost effective at £25 + VAT each (four design minimum order), we can give you the building blocks of your new business, or ideas for re-branding for the future.